Convening Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Published on
4 June 2024
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Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable
(The "Company") Registered Office: 5, Allée Scheffer, L-2520 Luxembourg
R.C.S. Luxembourg B 70409

Luxembourg, June 4, 2024

Dear Shareholder,

The Board of Directors of your Company has the honor to convene you to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Carmignac Portfolio (the “EGM”) to be held on June 14, 2024 at 3.00 p.m. (Luxembourg time), at the registered office, for the purpose of considering and voting upon the following matters:


  • Appointment of the President of the EGM ;
  • Appointment of Mrs Rose OUAHBA and Mr Marnix VAN DEN BERGE as new Directors of the SICAV as from June 14, 2024 and until the next Annual General Meeting in 2025 ;
  • Miscellaneous.

Shareholders are advised that no quorum is required for the statutory general meeting and that decisions will be taken at the majority of the shares present or represented at the meeting.

The decisions and the attached proxy form are available on the internet at, on demand at the registered office or the following institutions:

All countries (exc. Switzerland):
Carmignac Gestion Luxembourg SA, 7 rue de la Chapelle, L-1325
Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

CACEIS (Switzerland) SA, Route de Signy 35, CH-1260 Nyon,

If you intend to participate to the meeting, please contact the registered office at least two days before
the meeting.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you may return the attached proxy form together with an identity
document or the authorized signatories list of your company to the registered office by email ( and by post mail to CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch – Attn: Mrs Julie DyePellisson, 5, Allée Scheffer, L-2520 Luxembourg by June 13, 2024.

Yours Faithfully,

The Board of Directors