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Self-Directed Investment ServicesManage your own portfolio in total autonomy

Do you feel confident enough to invest on your own, but don’t know which of the many investment solutions out there to choose from?

Then turn to our Self-Directed Investment Services and get direct access to a range of investment strategies that is intentionally limited, but diverse enough to cover the full range of needs and risk appetites. Choose among these strategies to build your own asset allocation based on your investment horizon and risk profile; you’ll also benefit from privileged access to our market outlook reports and investment convictions, to help you make better-informed investment decisions. Our strategies give you the freedom to allocate and diversify your portfolio as you wish.

Benefits of Self-Directed Investing with Carmignac

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A secure online platform

Through a personal account on a secure online platform you will be able to view your investment portfolio. Your investment data will be updated daily to give you a comprehensive view of your assets.

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A diversified Fund range

Investment fads may come and go, but our business model hasn’t changed – we manage just a handful of proven strategies, and manage them to the best of our abilities. These strategies combine our broad experience gained over the years with a sharp eye for new market opportunities. With this approach, we have been able to put together a range of investment funds that cover a large range of clients' needs.

  • Equity management

    Our Equities team takes a conviction-based approach to stock-picking in international and thematic markets.

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  • Mixed management

    We combine investments in fixed income products and international equities using a flexible approach honed since 1989.

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  • Fixed Income management

    Our active, flexible approach to fixed income products takes advantage of the main growth drivers in global bond markets.

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    • If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact your Carmignac representative by email or by calling a direct number. He or she will get back to you right away.

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  • Investment Advisory Services

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Client portfolios are invested exclusively in Carmignac funds. These funds may not be available to certain persons or to persons living in certain jurisdictions. Access to the Funds may be subject to restrictions with regard to certain persons or countries. The Funds may not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, for the benefit or on behalf of a U.S. person, according to the definition of the US Regulation S and/or FATCA.The Funds present a risk of loss of capital. The risk, fees and ongoing charges are described in the KIIDs (Key Investor Information Document). The Funds' respective prospectuses, KIIDs, NAV and annual reports are available at www.carmignac.lu, or upon request to the Management Company. The KIIDs must be made available to the subscriber prior to subscription.