• Carmignac’s Investment Views: the year is not over until it’s over.

    Watch the replay of our web conference with Didier Saint-Georges,

    Managing Director, Member of the Investment Committee.

  • Carmignac Patrimoine, 4 Pillars for a Solid Architecture

    Pillar One: Carmignac Patrimoine, The Foundations

  • Digging deeper into emerging economies

    Focus one: Brazil’s Growing Insurance Penetration

  • Risk can help your investments fly.

    Or it can cut them down.
    To master it you must embrace this duality.

  • Fixed Income views: Balancing caution and opportunities

    Chapter 4 – Proof of the Philosophy…is in the Performance

Carmignac's note

We believe it makes sense to tactically raise our level of caution as regards market risk.


Funds focus

The key to the success of the Patrimoine strategy is a strong foundation


Flash Note

Digging deeper into emerging economies



Edouard Carmignac discusses the growth of political populism and dealing with quite vulnerable bond markets in a bubble. He speaks with journalist Francine Lacqua on "Bloomberg Surveillance" from the Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris.

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